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Linas Linkevičius

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Africa Day 2018 events kick off in Lithuania

Created: 2018.05.24 / Updated: 2018.05.25 10:42
      Africa Day 2018 events kick off in Lithuania
      Africa Day 2018 events kick off in Lithuania
      Africa Day 2018 events kick off in Lithuania
      Africa Day 2018 events kick off in Lithuania

      On the eve of the Africa Day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius opened the traditional Africa Day 2018 events at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania on 24 May.

      "It is important to learn about our neighbouring continent, because Europe is closely related to Africa: on the one hand, we are facing common challenges, such as international terrorism, organized crime, and illegal migration, and only together can we deal with them. On the other hand, we see common opportunities to strengthen business ties, economic cooperation with the world's second-fastest growing region, and we aim to seek mutually beneficial sustainable development, and prosperity," said Linkevičius.

      During the event, the Lithuanian ultra-marathoner Aidas Ardzijauskas shared his impressions of the run from Dakar to Vilnius in Africa, dedicated to the centenary of Lithuania‘s independence. On this occasion, the exhibition of photography by Gedminas Kropis, entitled "The run from Dakar to Vilnius in Africa: towards the centenary of Lithuania‘s independence" was launched at the library. These photos capture a glimpse of the run in Africa. Eskedar Maštavičienė, Ethiopian living in Lithuania, performed a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. In addition, the film "Paths to Freedom" directed by Richard Pakleppa opened the Namibian film program.

      On the occasion of the Africa Day, which is celebrated around the world on 25 May, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organizing the Africa Day events annually. This year, the events will run for two weeks until 6 June. Guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich and very diverse African culture and traditions, business opportunities, to expand understanding of this continent, as well as its ties with Lithuania.

      For more information on the events, please visit and here.


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