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Copy of Act of 16 February will be on display also in Brussels

Created: 2018.03.20 / Updated: 2018.03.20 17:56
    Copy of Act of 16 February will be on display also in Brussels

    A solemn ceremony was held at the House of European History in Brussels on 20 March, during which the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius handed over a copy of the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania (the Act of 16 February) to the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, who had expressed a wish to have a copy of this document on display at the House of European History, when he was congratulating Lithuania on 16 February during an event at the European Parliament.

    “We are proud that the document of great importance to Lithuania will be displayed at the House of European History as a reminder of our history and the present day, struggles in the past and today, as wll as of the importance of the EU,” Linkevičius said. Lithuania’s Foreign Minister emphasized that the people of Lithuania knew the price of freedom and independence very well. Lithuanians understand that freedom is not a given. These values must be fought for and defended constantly.

    “The Act of 16 February not only reminds us of our history, but also of the situation today. Even now not all nations are free in Europe,” Lithuania’s Foreign Minister said.

    In the welcome speech, the President of the European Parliament welcomed Lithuania’s achievements and contribution to the well-being of the EU, emphasized the significance of common European values and the way they inspired the Lithuanian nation to break away from the Soviet Union and to join the EU. Tajani also noted that this document was not only a testimony to history, but also a present obligation.

    The House of European History is a museum that offers a fresh and thought-provoking way of understanding the history of Europe. The European Parliament opened it in May 2017.

    See the video.


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