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Minister Linas Linkevičius congratulates the new Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Stef Blok

Created: 2018.03.08 / Updated: 2018.03.08 17:10

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius congratulated Stef Blok on his new appointment as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

“Lithuania highly appreciates good bilateral relations with the Netherlands across many areas, ranging from defence and security to economy and cultural exchange. We highly value the participation of the Netherlands in NATO enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania as practical expression of solidarity and important contribution to the security of the Transatlantic Alliance,” the Minister Linas Linkevičius wrote in the congratulations letter.

The Foreign Minister Linkevičius expressed his belief that Lithuania and the Netherlands took a common approach to key items on the global agenda and would continue to cooperate closely on such issues as the future of Europe, economic governance, development of the single market, and strengthening the EU’s role in the world.


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